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This site is located in Montana de Oro State Park SW of the City of Los Osos.

From Highway 101, take Los Osos Valley Road through the city of Los Osos. Los Osos Valley Road will change to Pecho Valley Road when it turns parallel to the coast.

The main flying site launch is off the scenic bluffs. Note however, this site REQUIRES A CHECK-OUT by a SLOSA member. Our use permit requires us to educate our members and keep them appraised of the dynamic changes to restricted areas of the beach used by Snowy Plovers for nesting areas. Landing in the protected areas is prohibited.

A check out from a knowledgeable local pilot or instructor is required by our conditional use permit.

Mandatory Site Protocol

  1. Must be members of SLOSA and USHGA, no exceptions.
  2. MUST SIGN-IN at sign-in box (beginning of cable landing trail) prior to flying. Provide date, time, Name and Wing colors on-sign-in log.
  3. Must use only designate areas for launching and landing within the Park boundaries. This information to be provided during the Site Check-out.
  4. Pilots should have a P-2 or H-2 to fly the site. All pilots new to the site must be checked out by local SLOSA member prior to flying the site.
  5. All pilots must wear a helmet and reserve parachute.
  6. All flights must be in accordance with FAR Part 103.
  7. No dangerous maneuvers.
  8. No commercial (for profit $) training allowed.
  9. No advertising/exposure of MDO as an authorized flying site.

Site Hazards

Significant rotor can be encountered behind ridges and at gully transitions. Wind can and often does blow out in the afternoon which can blow back pilots into rotor zones behind ridges. Stay on the paths and if top landing, land in open landing locations as scrub chaparral is full of poison oak and sticky plants to snare your wing and lines.

Best Flying Conditions

WSW to NW, 10-18 mph when temperatures generally are cool (58). At higher temperatures the site tends to thermal block. Best flying is in spring and fall. Occasional a convergence can form in front of ridge allowing for higher flights and flying out over the water. But be aware that with high on shore winds coupled with a thermal block formed off shore, the convergent air along the ridge in front block can become extremely turbulent.



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Site Specs
Site Rating:
P2 or Higher
USHGA Sanctioned?:
Paperwork Required:
USHGA Membership
SLOSA Membership
Type of Soaring
XC Potential
Access to Launch:
Hike (1/2 mile)
Launch condition:
GOOD - Sand
LZ condition:
GOOD - Beach Sand
Launch Location/Elev.
Members ONLY Section
LZ Location/Elev.:
Generally Top Land
or on the beach below.
Videos of Typical Flight
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  Picasa Link 2